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WHO is appropriate for teletherapy?

Adults or children who are appropriate for speech therapy and meet the following criteria:

• Access to the required technology (computer, web cam, and audio equipment) • Physical ability to use the technology devices, either with assistance or without • Cognitive ability to participate in therapy tasks via this mode of delivery

Other factors may impact the use of this service delivery method. Please contact us to see if this type of treatment is right for you!


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WHAT is teletherapy?

Put simply, it is the delivery of therapy using telecommunications and technology.

According to the Center for Connected Health Policy, “telemedicine means the delivery of medical services and any diagnosis, consultation, or treatment using interactive audio, interactive video, or interactive data communication.” Colorado Revised Statutes 12-36-102.5 (2012)

The American Telemedicine Association uses the broader term of telerehabilitation, to include services by speech-language pathologists.

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) defines ‘telemedicine’ as “the provision of health services over a telecommunications network” and published a position statement in 2005 indicating that telemedicine IS appropriate for speech-language pathologists.

Other terms such as telehealth, e-care, telemedicine, telespeech, speech teletherapy may be used. What is important to remember is that they all refer to the same thing: the mode of service delivery.

WHY teletherapy?

• Convenience of your own home or residence
• Decrease travel time to and from appointments
• Engaging format
• Reach patients in remote areas who might not otherwise have access to therapy specialists

• Access for home-bound individuals
• Increase flexibility with scheduling multiple doctor visits


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HOW are therapy services delivered?

All treatments are individual (1 patient, 1 therapist).

Therapy can be delivered in a synchronous manner, with ‘real time’ interactive audio and video connection, or a hybrid of synchronous treatments combined with in-person treatments.

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